Premium Hedge Trimming in Wirral

If you would like to hire an expert for hedge trimming in Wirral then I’m exactly what you’re looking for.

Keeping your hedges well maintained makes your property more aesthetically pleasing as well as improving the health of the plant. It’s much more pleasant to sit in your garden and appreciate a well-trimmed hedge than to look at a wild, out-of-control hedge.

I understand all of the possible reasons why your hedge has become so out-of-control. You may work long hours, you might not have the skills or equipment or you just don’t enjoy hedge trimming!

Whatever the reason is, I’m here to help you get your hedges back under control.

Here are the hedge trimming services I offer:

  • Regular hedge maintenance
  • Pruning hedge branches
  • Hedge trimming and cutting
  • Hedge removal
Hedge Trimming Wirral

Other Services I Provide Other than Hedge Trimming in Wirral are Tree Surgery, Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Crown Reduction.

Hedge Removal

There are multiple reasons why you might want a hedge removed but the most common ones are to make more space in the garden, create more space for a new driveway or having a new fence installed. Whatever the reason is for you wanting to have a hedge removed, I can also remove the remaining stump protruding from the ground. My stump removal service will grind away the remaining stump, eliminating any potential trip hazards and prepare the area for whatever you have planned.

Hedge Cutting Service Wirral

Are You Aware of Nesting Season?

One thing you must keep in mind is nesting season. If you are considering a hedge removal in Wirral, you must be aware that is illegal to intentionally damage or destroy a bird’s nest if it is in use. The best time of year for a hedge removal is between September and February. Birds build their nests between March and August.

If you would like a hedge removing or trimming during nesting season, please thoroughly examine your hedge to make sure there are no nests. If no nests are present it is perfectly safe to have your hedge removed.

Hedge Trimming Services Wirral

Maintaining Your Privacy

Hedges are great for maintaining privacy but if they are trimmed too short your privacy could be jeopardised. I understand how important it is to keep your privacy. My motto is: take as much as possible without taking up too much! In other words, trim and shape the hedge without jeopardising privacy.

Final words

If you choose to hire me to trim your hedges or have them removed you can be rest assured that you are in good hands. I have been hedge trimming in Wirral for over 12 years. I understand the importance of maintaining a garden. Once I have finished trimming or removing your hedge, I will make sure all of the dead branches and leaves are completely removed from your property.


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