Tree Pruning Wirral

There are several reasons why a tree might need pruning. One of the most common reasons for tree pruning is to reduce the weight of its limbs and to reduce wind resistance. Reducing the wind resistance of a tree reduces the chances of high winds causing any damage to the tree.

Another reason for having a tree pruned is if its branches are growing wildly out of control and invading the space of other trees. If the branches of a tree are overgrown, they can block out the sunlight for other plants, shrubs, and trees.

Tree Pruning Wirral

Here’s my procedures for tree pruning in Wirral:

Before I carry out any pruning, I will visit your property to take a look at your trees. I will visually inspect your trees and note their species, size, shape, and condition. Once I have given them a thorough visual inspection, I will put an action plan together.

I will prune your trees to the highest possible standards and make sure they maintain a safe condition and an even balance. I always make sure branches are cut optimally to minimise the chances of infection or tearing. Pruning a tree can be dangerous if the tree surgeon hasn’t been professionally trained and has no experience.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I am a fully qualified and experienced tree surgeon in Wirral. I use the most up-to-date tree surgery techniques combined with the very best equipment to ensure all work carried out is to the highest standard.

I always use lowering ropes and slings to make sure branches are lowered safely to the ground. If I discover that your tree has any diseased branches, storm damage, or have died, I will cut he branches away back to the collar. Any cuts I have two make to the branch collar will be made to the standards set out in the BS3998 (British Standards) guidelines.

If you would like a free no obligation quote for tree pruning, please don’t hestitate to give me a call. Alternatively, you can can send me a message by using the contact form.

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