There are several reasons why a tree might need pruning. One of the most common reasons for tree pruning is to reduce the weight of its limbs and to reduce wind resistance. Reducing the wind resistance of a tree reduces the chances of high winds causing any damage to the tree.

Another reason for having a tree pruned is if its branches are growing wildly out of control and invading the space of other trees. If the branches of a tree are overgrown, they can block out the sunlight for other plants, shrubs, and trees.

Tree Pruning in Wirral

Here’s my procedures for tree pruning in Wirral:

Before I carry out any pruning, I will visit your property to take a look at your trees. I will visually inspect your trees and note their species, size, shape, and condition. Once I have given them a thorough visual inspection, I will put an action plan together.

I will prune your trees to the highest possible standards and make sure they maintain a safe condition and an even balance. I always make sure branches are cut optimally to minimise the chances of infection or tearing.

Pruning a tree can be dangerous if the tree surgeon hasn’t been professionally trained and has no experience.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I am a fully qualified and experienced tree surgeon in Wirral. I use the most up-to-date tree surgery techniques combined with the very best equipment to ensure all work carried out is to the highest standard.

I always use lowering ropes and slings to make sure branches are lowered safely to the ground.

If I discover that your tree has any diseased branches, storm damage, or have died, I will cut he branches away back to the collar.

Any cuts I have two make to the branch collar will be made to the standards set out in the BS3998 (British Standards) guidelines.

Tree Pruning Services in Wirral

Any live part of a tree that is removed is called pruning. Some people may call it tree cutting or tree trimming. It is best to make cuts at a branch collar so the tree the best possible chance of healing after being cut. Below you will find all the different types of pruning:

Tree Crown Reduction and Reshaping in Wirral

Reducing the size of a tree’s crown is highly skilled work. The crown of the tree has to maintain its shape while being reduced in size. Skilled tree surgeons use a pruning method called “drop- crotching.” As explained earlier, reducing the size of a tree’s crown makes it less wind resistant, which is beneficial if a tree is next to power lines or buildings.

Tree Crown Thinning in Wirral

Crown density is reduced by removing selected branches from the tree. The branches will have to be cut away while maintaining the size and shape of the tree. Tree crown thinning is carried out if a structural weakness has been identified in any of the branches or stem. If a tree is at risk of causing damage to nearby properties or power lines, crown thinning will allow more wind to pass through it, making it less wind resistant.

Tree Crown Cleaning in Wirral

Cleaning the crown of a tree involves removing any poorly cut or dead branches. If Ivy is climbing up the tree, that too would be removed.

Tree Crown Lifting in Wirral

The best way to raise the crown is to remove the lower branches. Crown lifting is particularly useful for those who have a large tree in the garden where shading is a problem. By removing the lower branches, it allows more light under the tree.

Tree Pollarding in Wirral

Tree pollarding is a technique used by tree surgeons to restrict the tree from growing too big. Once a tree or a shrub has reached a certain height, it will undergo annual pollarding to stop it growing taller.

Avoid These Types of Tree Pruning

Although there are different methods for pruning a tree, some shouldn’t be used for the sake of the tree.


Tree topping is frowned upon in most cases except for trees that are hazardous. Topping a tree consists of removing most of the branches and foliage from a tree. Do not confuse topping with pollarding as they are not the same. Tree topping destroys the shape of the tree and introduces decay. This type of pruning can kill some species of trees.

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