Once a tree has been cut down on your property, the stump will have to be removed if you have plans of building a structure were the tree once stood. It could take many years before the remaining tree stump to start breaking down and decaying naturally. There are various ways to get rid of the remaining tree stump. The first option is to dig around the tree stump and then cut the stump below ground level. The second option is to use special chemicals which will speed up the decaying process. The third option is stump grinding.


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What is stump grinding and how does it work?

Stump grinding is the term given to this particular method of removing tree stumps. Tree stump grinding requires the use of a specialised stump grinding machine to grind the protruding tree stump below ground level. The grinder chips away at the remaining tree trunk until it no longer remains visible.

Chainsaws are not suitable for removing tree stumps because they can hit other objects on the ground such as concrete, rock or metal. If a chainsaw was to come into contact with any of these objects at ground level, it could destroy the teeth of the chainsaw rendering it unusable. A stump grinder machine is much more powerful, and it can pulverise the wood and complete the job much quicker than any of the other methods.

The majority of property owners choose stump grinding services because a stump can be removed quickly and efficiently, which is particularly handy if you have plans for building. Contacting an expert stump grinder is the best option because they have all the tools, skills and equipment necessary to complete the job without any issues. If you would like to save money, you could always hire a stump grinder machine and complete the job on your own, but you have no one to help you if things go wrong.

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Why stump grinding is important and essential

Below you will find the three main reasons why using a stump grinder to remove a stump are beneficial to you.

–    The stump is removed quickly. In some cases, the remaining stump of a tree, including its roots, can stay alive for months or even years. Even if the stump eventually died after a long period of time, it could still take months or years before the stump finally starts to decompose naturally. The fastest way to remove a stump is to use a stump grinder. The time it takes to grind a stump away takes less than an hour in most cases. Once the stump has been removed, you are free to use that space any way you choose.

–    It’s the easiest option. If you decided that you wanted to dig around the stump and cut down the roots manually, it could be hard, backbreaking work as well as being risky. It may seem like the cheapest option at first, but removing a stump this way can consume days all even weeks of your time and energy, but to mention that you’ll be exhausted. The use of a stump grinder eliminates all of the hard, backbreaking work and the time it takes to remove a tree stump. It is much easier to let a machine do the work.

–    It reduces the risk of damaging the surrounding structure and foliage. It is not uncommon for the cut tree to be close to a building or located in a beautiful garden lawn. Digging around the entire width of the stump is not an option in situations like these. Surrounding foliage and building structures in the vicinity of the stump risk being damaged or even destroyed. Using a stump grinder is the best way to get rid of the remaining tree stump without damaging nearby building structures and foliage.

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